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Special column that spells the thoughts and so on for representative KODAIRA's product development


DUAL WING development confidential story

The answer is to make the knowledge to make "Air" a friend. Nonetheless, you can not see the air. However, when moving on the vehicle by means of a ride it will definitely scratch this air and it is content which can not be ignored, but I think that it is a fact that it tends to neglect neglect because it does not quite realize.

Although the 50 Prius, which was released before C-HR, also said that this C-HR and Toyota are developing it considering the aerodynamics side, if it says whether perfect aerodynamic machine is the manufacturer's option There are many things that it is better to do as if the rising fins are set.

When I return the story to the drawing of Wing, before drawing the car as well, before drawing the car, I designed the design like a hawk hanging backwards hooking the nail by extending the legs of the wing on the back panel to the back side I was writing. As C-HR is delivered, when looking at the back panel, when you look at the genuine flap, the depth is about 10 centimeters, so too to put the wings of the shape that you want to demonstrate the functional surface over there

The area was small, and additionally the back panel itself was resin, so when we opened the hole and stuck there, a big task was born from the concern of the lack of strength in the high speed range. I was troubled at the factory. Since it was development that started moving once, first it was better to put a hand on hand at the front, picked up clay and started flashing along the design painting, how many hours passed, suddenly. It is change of viewpoint.

"Because it thinks on the point, it is dangerous, so if you turn it into a wing for each back panel."

From here on, it is probably born because it is 3 dimensional, perhaps the first in the industry to integrate with the back panel, the style of a new wing with a wing on it. However, it is hard work because it is a maiden work. The thing that halves the performance which tends to be wing is that the steel plates of the place you set are distorted during high-speed driving, and the force escapes without being able to catch the power received by the wing. In order to avoid this, be sure to tell the body. For that purpose, strength with fixed bolt nut using genuine pin position is given out. I was convinced that it will be possible if it is fixed more than 10 places. Here the draft of the dual wing idea was born.


If the original idea can be made, it will only realize the original design, so the supporting struts, and

I went to make wings. In the original design drawing, the wing was a straight type, but it was produced in a shape drawing an arc suddenly according to the bumper shape of C - HR. Then, the pillar forms and parallelizes the wind to clear the wind passing between the struts, and the shape of the pillar outer shape is made into a shape close to the rhombus as playfulness, and the shape support pillar adopting the diamond which is the theme mark of C - HR Did.

In case

Generally, it is not known, but as a production of FRP products, in particular the wing flap is raised from one board and will be produced. In modern times, the aero parts are made only on one side and the method of making data by 3D measurement is increasing, but the world feeling of a model created by a person with a completely different impression and one with a slightly different impression is used for this production There is. I also like the shaped objects in which the soul made by this person is put.

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