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DUAL WING development confidential story

Nice to meet you. My name is Kodaira of KABO1SPORTS representative. This time I will write a development confidential story up to the birth of "dual wing" for Toyota C - HR which is our maiden work.

Well, "Why did you choose C-HR?" Sometimes asked the editor of customers and magazines. Actually, there was also a virgin work of the launch of KABO1SPORTS, and initially I was aiming at the Prius which adopted TNGA and became a new platform. However, because there are too many places to sell this car's products to the world too much, I gave up because I was just founded and worried about disappearing buried. Next, there is no car newly coming out in the new genre, creating a part that made use of the sense for that car, and like the desire to see the many people who attached it watching running through the city There was something. Toyota C - HR was born just at that time. When I saw this car for the first time, like everyone "I do not quite understand, I thought it was cool." What I do not understand was that it was quite tough how I should ride the SUV and there was not a specimen especially, and Kudo was gone missing in the bumper, which was a masterpiece in the full-length look, and the design was quite troubled.

Many Toyota manufacturers and makers of large-scale makers have already joined in, so I decided to create something else that other projects have not been put out in order to start from now. I also thought that it would do a field that nobody could come up with and I sketched the GT type rear wing on the SUV based on the photograph of the C - HR concept car that had catalogs and the net. I think the front parts are covered with other companies but because they are faces, I think that these two are decided first. Actually it is not known, but there was another big part on the design. This made me sleep, as there was a little problem.

There is a theme called SPORTS inside me in what makes it the concept that becomes the basis of design. So we will put the design incorporating the objective aspect of motor performance improvement of SUV into SUV. It will be a bit difficult story, but what do you think of when exercising will be the direction in which the motor's performance will change?

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